We offer a 10 year guarantee on all our coatings

Roof Cleaning East Kilbride

Roof Cleaning & Coating East Kilbride

Cleaning your roof is easy when you team up with the professionals at Pristine Coatings. We are experts at cleaning any type of roof and provide a ten year guarantee on all our roof coatings. Expert roof cleaning in East Kilbride can restore a brand new appearance to a roof and also prolong its life. Damaged, old roofs can cause leaks inside a home or business and are expensive to repair. What’s more damaged roofs are unsightly and detract from the value of a property – so with our Roof Coating East Kilbride services we can change that.

Why choose Pristine Coatings roof cleaning East Kilbride?

Every property owner, landlord and commercial business owner needs to take care of the exterior of their property. This is because a build-up of algae, moss, grime and fallen leaves can soon cause serious damage and may even lead to leaks within properties. It’s fairly common for algae, moss and dirt of this nature to bleach roof tiles into the bargain. And, this can look very unattractive.

5 stages to a gleaming roof from Pristine Coatings

Pristine Coatings are the leading providers of professional roof cleaning in East Kilbride. Our five stage roof cleaning process includes:

1. Expert risk assessment and method statement

After hearing from you, our expert will call at your premises and carry out a comprehensive risk assessment of the roof in order to provide a method statement to advise the best steps to take. At this stage, you will be fully advised of the anticipated cost for cleaning your roof.

2. Cleaning your roof

Our trained and expert roof cleaners arrive at your property on the scheduled date and time to clean your roof to the specification provided in the method statement. All lichen, moss, algae and grime on your roof will be removed during the clean, leaving it in an as new condition.

3. Renovating the roof

Any required roof renovations will be carried out following the clean. So, if you need new or replacement tiles, roof coverings or felt, you can rely on our professional team to carry out this work speedily and efficiently.

4. Application of anti-fungicidal wash

Specialist anti-fungicidal solutions will then be applied to the roof to cut any chances of lichen or moss growing back.

5. Waterproof roof coating

The application of a professional waterproof coating is the final stage in this process. This helps ensure there is no possibility of any further penetration of damp or water to the roof voids of your property.

Don’t forget, our ten year guarantee on all roof coatings gives you added peace of mind!

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Long-Lasting Protection

We cover roofs with a high quality roof sealer that protects and improves the appearance of your roof. It works by acting as an entirely invisible barrier against damp. Our sealer is also highly versatile, meaning it’s suitable for a wide range of roof types including everything from slate and concrete to clay and stone.


Our services can restore your roof to it’s former glory at a quarter of the price. We offer multiple services that could help you avoid these huge costs. Not only will we clean and restore your roof but our coatings come with a 10 year warranty.

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