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Roof Cleaning Edinburgh - Get your full roof cleaned, treated and colour protected.

7 Aug

Roof Cleaning Edinburgh

Roof cleaning Edinburgh

Pristine Coatings is here to help the people of Edinburgh have the best-looking homes in Scotland. We are a company who specialises in not only the cleaning and renovation of roofs but also exterior walls and driveways. As we all know, Edinburgh doesn’t have the best weather, which is why it’s even more important to have your homes exterior in the best condition possible. Whether it’s tackling general wear and tear over the years, or extreme weather and pollution, your homes’ exterior needs to be protected.

We are the leading providers of professional roof cleaning in Edinburgh and are proud to have helped many residents achieve not only a brand-new looking roof but also have it be well protected, restoring it to protect from damp, water and any further damage. Consisting of a team of highly trained professionals, Pristine Coatings achieves a roof renovation like no other. We’ve worked on many roofs and with clients such as landlords, property owners and commercial business owners. No roof is too big of a job for us!

If you decide to use our roof cleaning service, your roof will go through a vigorous five-stage process which ensures your home gets the best service possible. Firstly, your roof will have an inspection where a comprehensive risk assessment will be carried out. From the visit you will be informed of the cleaning process as well as the anticipated cost.

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The Process with Pristine Coatings roof cleaning Edinburgh?

The next step is the clean. Using special products and tools, your roof will be rid of moss, grime, algae etc. Following on from the deep clean, any necessary renovations will be carried out. This includes the removal and replacement of broken/damaged or bleached tiles. It also includes the replacement of roof coverings and felt. Working efficiently, your roof will be resistant to any further damage from damp or water in no time.

Once the renovations are complete, next follows the application of an anti-fungicidal wash which helps reduce the chances of moss and algae from returning. Once that’s all done, the final step includes the application of a waterproof coating which helps reduce the chances of any further water/damp damage.

Pristine Coatings is proud of our roof cleaning services and we want to offer our customers the best service possible. This is why we provide a 10-year guarantee on all roof coatings as well as the option of a maintenance plan which helps you save money on any further roof work and prolong the life of your property.

roof cleaning edinburgh before and after


Not just roofs! We can clean and transform your full property?

We also help those within Edinburgh looking to renovate their exterior walls and driveway. These are aspects of a home which also experience harsh conditions and can look worse for wear quite quickly. Pristine Coatings offers an exterior wall coating service where you can choose from 12 colours to bring your walls back to life. Choose from a thin or heavy-duty coat, both refreshen the appearance of your walls making your home look brand new. Our services also include uPVC Window and Door spraying and painting solution to transform your full house into any colour you want.

As for our full property service, we offer a deep cleaning of your house, riding it of any stains, marks and moss etc. To achieve the high standard results, our teams use products that are unavailable on the general market. Furthermore, we use specialist equipment to ensure the best of cleans. We’ve worked on many properties across Edinburgh from on a whole range of build materials and finishes. There isn’t a property we can’t do, and our team will ensure you new shining property is finished in any colour choice you want.

Here at Pristine Coatings, are goal is to make homes around Edinburgh look their absolute best. We want to help our clients save money by avoiding expensive repairs and hopefully add value onto their newly renovated homes. Every house needs a little cosmetic help once in a while, so feel reassured when you use Pristine Coatings that you are getting the best service in the area. If you want to learn more about what we do, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to making your house look the best on your street and for you to become house proud!

So, if you’re in looking for roof cleaning in Edinburgh for your home, as it’s in need of our services, please drop us a message and we’ll be happy to help get your home looking as good as new!


5 stages to a gleaming roof from Pristine Coatings

Pristine Coatings are Glasgow’s leading providers of professional roof cleaning. Our five stage roof cleaning process includes:

1. Expert risk assessment and method statement

After hearing from you, our experts will call at your premises and carry out a comprehensive risk assessment of the roof in order to provide a method statement to advise the best steps to take. At this stage, you will be fully advised of the anticipated cost for cleaning your roof.

2. Cleaning your roof

Our highly trained and expert roof cleaners arrive at your property on the scheduled date and time to clean your roof to the specification provided in the method statement. All lichen, moss, algae and grime on your roof will be removed during the clean, leaving it in an as new condition.

3. Renovating the roof

Any required roof renovations will be carried out following the clean-up. So, if you need new or replacement tiles, roof coverings or felt, you can rely on our professional team to carry out this work speedily and efficiently.

4. Application of anti-fungicidal wash

Specialist anti-fungicidal solutions will then be applied to the roof to cut any chances of lichen or moss growing back.

5. Waterproof roof coating

The application of a professional waterproof coating is the final stage in this process. This helps ensure there is no possibility of any further penetration of damp or water to the roof voids of your property.

Don’t forget, our ten year guarantee on all roof coatings gives you added peace of mind!


Get in touch with Pristine Coatings today for the professional roof cleaning Edinburgh residents deserve.

By choosing Pristine Coatings you will be able to fix the problems before the damage becomes any worse. Better still, our roofers will help you plan ahead with a maintenance program that will save you money and prolong the life of your property.

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