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Roof Cleaning Falkirk - Get your roof full cleaned, treated and protected.

22 Jan

Roof Cleaning Falkirk

Roof cleaning Falkirk

Now more than ever, more of us are taking pride in our homes. From spending more time outside and decorating our interiors, house renovations are becoming increasingly popular. Everyone not only wants the inside of their home to look good but the outside as well. Setting the tone of house tours for friends and family, Pristine Coatings is here to help give your homes exterior that face lift it desires.

Pristine Coatings is a roof cleaning company which specialises in the maintenance of not only your roof but also helps to revive the appearance of your outdoor walls and driveways. If you’re from Falkirk, look no further as we cover all your outdoor needs.

We offer a multitude of services to those within the Falkirk area, all with the goal of making your home look brand new from the outside. If you live in Falkirk and are looking to improve the appearance of your house, then Pristine Coatings is the company for you.

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The Process with Pristine Coatings roof cleaning Falkirk?

We’ve got years of experience behind us, working on a plethora of roofs, walls and driveways all in various conditions. Whether you are a property owner, landlord or commercial business owner, we’ll renovate any type of building within Falkirk.

Our main focus at Pristine Coatings is the renovation of roofs. We not only work to make your roof look brand new but apply the necessary skills to prolong its life and tackle any weather conditions that face homes within Falkirk.

Your roof faces many struggles when it comes to weather and time. From debris of falling leaves, rubbish, growing moss and algae as well as bleached and broken roof tiles. Here at Pristine Coatings, we offer a range of services which tackle all the elements just mentioned. Not only do our services rid your roof of such but will help prevent things such as moss from growing back. Choosing roof cleaning services is a much cheaper alternative to roof replacement. Avoid the high charges for materials and labour costs, as well as long waiting lists.

We are the leading providers of professional roof cleaning within the Falkirk area. Our roof cleaning services never lack in quality as every roof we do will experience our five-stage process, where your roof will receive an expert risk assessment and method statement.

roof cleaning falkirk before and after


Not just roofs! We can clean and transform your full property

Pristine Coatings cleaning process is not only about the cleaning but also about the prevention. Anything we do will be to help fix any roof problems before the damage becomes worse. Our thorough process includes a visit to the premises to carry out a comprehensive risk assessment. Once complete you will be advised on the necessary services for your roof as well as the anticipated costs.

When you’re happy to move forward, your roof will receive a deep clean from our highly trained team of experts as well as any necessary renovations e.g., tile replacement. Once these steps are complete, your roof will receive an application of anti-fungicidal wash and waterproof coating to ensure no further damage. Once done, you’ll have one of the best roofs in Falkirk. To ensure longevity, Pristine Coatings offers a maintenance program to those within the Falkirk area to help maintain the standard for years to come. Our services also include uPVC Window and Door spraying and painting solution to transform your full house into any colour you want.

We don’t stop there with our services. We also offer the renovation and cleaning of exterior walls, roofs, windows and doors. Choose from lots of colours to give your home a bright top up coat which can tackle everyday weather as well as the harsh winter storms and cold nights. Furthermore, our trained experts can leave your property in pristine condition, no matter what it’s made form or the finish it has on it. Using specialist products and equipment, your property will get a facelift of dreams, so good you’ll be the talk of the street!

Pristine Coatings is here to help your home exterior look its absolute best. Avoid the faff of doing it yourself and leave it in safe hands. We’ll achieve a finish you can’t get from the store. Every home needs a little cosmetic uplift and we’re here to not only help bring your home back to life but add value. Whether it’s simply to have your home looking refreshed or getting it picture perfect for the estate agents, Pristine Coatings has got it covered.

So, if you’re in looking for roof cleaning Falkirk for your home, as it’s in need of our services, please drop us a message and we’ll be happy to help get your home looking as good as new!


5 stages to a gleaming roof from Pristine Coatings

Pristine Coatings are Glasgow’s leading providers of professional roof cleaning. Our five stage roof cleaning process includes:

1. Expert risk assessment and method statement

After hearing from you, our experts will call at your premises and carry out a comprehensive risk assessment of the roof in order to provide a method statement to advise the best steps to take. At this stage, you will be fully advised of the anticipated cost for cleaning your roof.

2. Cleaning your roof

Our highly trained and expert roof cleaners arrive at your property on the scheduled date and time to clean your roof to the specification provided in the method statement. All lichen, moss, algae and grime on your roof will be removed during the clean, leaving it in an as new condition.

3. Renovating the roof

Any required roof renovations will be carried out following the clean-up. So, if you need new or replacement tiles, roof coverings or felt, you can rely on our professional team to carry out this work speedily and efficiently.

4. Application of anti-fungicidal wash

Specialist anti-fungicidal solutions will then be applied to the roof to cut any chances of lichen or moss growing back.

5. Waterproof roof coating

The application of a professional waterproof coating is the final stage in this process. This helps ensure there is no possibility of any further penetration of damp or water to the roof voids of your property.

Don’t forget, our ten year guarantee on all roof coatings gives you added peace of mind!


Get in touch with Pristine Coatings today for the professional roof cleaning Falkirk residents deserve.

By choosing Pristine Coatings you will be able to fix the problems before the damage becomes any worse. Better still, our roofers will help you plan ahead with a maintenance program that will save you money and prolong the life of your property.

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