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Pristine Coatings is one of the leading companies in Central Scotland specialising in roof cleaning Services.

Floor Insulation Glasgow

Let Pristine Coatings UK transform your home with our groundbreaking insulation. You can’t see it, but you will feel it!

Is your home impossible to keep warm throughout the winter, despite your skyrocketing heating bill? Or is the heat of the summer insufferable and suffocating? If you can’t keep the temperature right in your home, the chances are that you need to replace your insulation.

Why replace your insulation?

Having the best cavity wall insulation, underfloor insulation, and internal wall insulation will keep your home at the right temperature for you and your family all year round, meaning that you can live comfortably whatever the weather. You will finally be able to get restful sleep through the harshest winters and the most sweltering summers, in a home that looks after your temperature both day and night.

There are endless reasons to consider replacing and updating the insulation in your home, and we believe that we provide the best insulation money can buy. Your energy usage will reduce dramatically, as you won’t need to power up the heating or the air conditioning as much in extreme temperatures. Your energy bills will certainly follow suit, leaving you to enjoy spending that extra money on the things that matter most to you, instead of your heating and air conditioning bills. On top of that, the energy efficiency in your home will increase, adding significant value to your property! Our customers have really noticed the rewards for getting their insulation replaced, and we want you to experience the same great feeling in your home.

Why Pristine Coatings UK?

At Pristine Coatings UK, we take pride in offering our customers an excellent service. You will be in safe hands if you decide to update your cavity wall insulation, underfloor insulation, or internal wall insulation. Our experienced staff care about quality and are enthusiastic about improving your home for you. We will make sure to work quickly, efficiently, and carefully to ensure that you get the fabulous results you’re after in as little time as possible. We promise that you will not be disappointed!

We predominantly work across the entire city of Glasgow & Central Scotland but we are more than happy to travel further afield. Please get in touch today if you have an enquiry, and one of our friendly team members will be able to advise you.

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How We Do It 5 Step Roof Cleaning Process

Risk Assessment and Method Statement 01

After we receive your initial call or contact form, we will call out to your premises to conduct a thorough risk assessment of the roofing structure and provide you with a method statement, which details the way forward. You will also be fully advised of the cost of your roof cleaning procedure.

Roof Cleaning 02

Our expert roof cleaners will arrive at your property on the date and time agreed and carry out your roof clean in the manner specified in our method statement. Any existing moss, lichen or algae on your roof will be totally removed during the cleaning procedure and your roof will look like new following its thorough clean.

Roof Renovation 03

If you need any further works carried out to renovate your roof, this will be carried out. For example, replacement tiles or roof coverings, felt etc. You can rest assured that your roof will be renovated to "as new" condition prior to any additional treatments.

Anti-Fungicidal Wash 04

Once your roof is in pristine condition, we carry out an anti-fungicidal wash, using specialist solutions that will prevent any chance of moss or lichen growing on the roof again.

Application of Waterproof Roof Coating 05

Finally, we apply our professional standard waterproof roof coating to your roof to ensure that there's no further possibility of water or damp penetrating into roof voids and causing any further damage to timber structures.