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Roof Cleaning

Pristine Coatings is one of the leading companies in Central Scotland specialising in roof cleaning Services.


We are the Leading Roof Cleaning Experts in Glasgow

Pristine Coatings are roof cleaning experts based in Glasgow and active throughout Scotland. A roof cleaning company that you can rely on. Getting your roof cleaned is something every homeowner has to face at some point. The daily build-up of moss, algae, falling leaves and dirt, if left unattended, can cause serious damage and leaks, not to mention looking unsightly and perhaps devaluing your home. We offer a service that will leave your roof looking pristine and protected from the environment.

At Pristine Coatings, we will clean your roof using a pressure washer, carefully moderating the pressure to avoid causing damage to tiles, then apply a biochemical solution which will help protect your roof from the growth of algae and moss.

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We also take great care to avoid adversely affecting the surrounding gardens and greenery, as the same chemicals that work well in removing moss and algae can cause these to wither and die. All of the surrounding areas will be covered with protective sheeting prior to commencement of any activity. Any accidentally exposed areas will be rinsed off after use.

We’ll also make suggestions about regular upkeep and book in repeat visits if required. This is a great way to avoid serious roof problems – by keeping an eye on the roof and clearing back branches and fallen leaves to prevent build-up.

roof coating glasgow example
Our Service

At Pristine Coatings, we pride ourselves on the most thorough and professional roof-cleaning service available.

Safety is an important consideration. All our roof cleaning staff are equipped with a full-body safety harness and trained in the proper way to wear it. They also wear rubber-soled shoes, rather than slippery regular shoes.

When we are due to clean your roof we will check on the weather and make sure it’s the perfect climate to clean. Cold weather and ice and frost could be a danger, as is heavy rain. Hot weather is also not a good situation as the cleaning solution will dry too fast. A cool, dry day is creates the perfect environment.

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How We Do It 5 Step Roof Cleaning Process

Risk Assessment and Method Statement 01

After we receive your initial call or contact form, we will call out to your premises to conduct a thorough risk assessment of the roofing structure and provide you with a method statement, which details the way forward. You will also be fully advised of the cost of your roof cleaning procedure.

Roof Cleaning 02

Our expert roof cleaners will arrive at your property on the date and time agreed and carry out your roof clean in the manner specified in our method statement. Any existing moss, lichen or algae on your roof will be totally removed during the cleaning procedure and your roof will look like new following its thorough clean.

Roof Renovation 03

If you need any further works carried out to renovate your roof, this will be carried out. For example, replacement tiles or roof coverings, felt etc. You can rest assured that your roof will be renovated to "as new" condition prior to any additional treatments.

Anti-Fungicidal Wash 04

Once your roof is in pristine condition, we carry out an anti-fungicidal wash, using specialist solutions that will prevent any chance of moss or lichen growing on the roof again.

Application of Waterproof Roof Coating 05

Finally, we apply our professional standard waterproof roof coating to your roof to ensure that there's no further possibility of water or damp penetrating into roof voids and causing any further damage to timber structures.