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Internal Wall Insulation Lowering Energy Bills

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Internal wall insulation (IWI)

Internal wall insulation could help you to save hundreds of pounds on your annual energy bills and to ensure that your property feels as warm and comfortable as possible. Our internal wall insulation services can offer a cheaper alternative to having external wall insulation whilst still providing you with an effective extra layer.

You might require our services if your home was built before the late 1920s. This age may well mean that your property has solid rather than cavity ones, and these type of walls are known to lose as much as double the heat of cavity versions.

How do I know if I have solid walls?

We can assess what type you have and recommend how best to insulate them, but, in general, solid types are generally made of brick, stone or concrete. If you look at the brickwork on your home’s exterior and see an alternating pattern where the smaller ends of some bricks are visible, then you may have solid ones.

In contrast, if you find yourself looking at the long edges of the building bricks, you will likely have cavity walls. You may also benefit from interior insulation if you have a steel- or timber-framed property or a building of poured concrete construction.

The thickness of external walls in brick-built properties may also be a giveaway. If brick walls are around 22cm or less in thickness, then they may well be solid. Solid stone may be much thicker, however, and could be as thick as 50cm.

Cavity types will typically be from 27cm to 30cm thick. If you decide to measure your walls, do this at a window or entry point for the best possible results. Alternatively, you could just leave the job to us.

How can our internal wall insulation help you?

There are many benefits to hiring us to install internal wall insulation on your property. These include:

  • Increased comfort
  • Reduced energy costs – The Centre for Sustainable Energy estimates that you could save as much as £260 per year on energy bills for a typical three-bedroom semi-detached home if you have internal insulation
  • Lower installation costs – It will typically cost 50 per cent less to install internal insulation rather than external insulation.
  • Combined results – Internal insulation can be used along with external insulation to really boost results.
  • Easier to maintain compared to external insulation.
  • Hassle-free installation – We will not have to put scaffolding up during installation.
  • No outside changes necessary – The appearance of your property will not be altered, something which may be an essential consideration in a conservation area.
  • Installation is not weather-dependent
  • Budget friendly – You can choose how much of your property you want to cover, from your whole home to a single room.
  • It is a practical choice for maisonettes and flats
  • Enhancing your home – Making walls warmer can increase the usable space in your rooms.

How will our internal wall insulation work?

We will insulate the interior faces of your external walls to boost their thermal performance. We offer several different methods, but we usually fix insulation boards directly on existing walls. These can then be plastered over. Other options include using battens attached to walls and filling the spaces in between with product, and attaching boards to a metal framework that is secured.

We are experts in internal wall insulation and so are on-hand to offer all the advice you could need. We will assess your property and individual requirements to ensure that you get the results that you need. Our expert team also has all the skills and knowledge necessary to ensure that you can enjoy all the benefits of interior wall insulation with minimal disruption and for the best possible price.

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How We Do It 5 Step Roof Cleaning Process

Risk Assessment and Method Statement 01

After we receive your initial call or contact form, we will call out to your premises to conduct a thorough risk assessment of the roofing structure and provide you with a method statement, which details the way forward. You will also be fully advised of the cost of your roof cleaning procedure.

Roof Cleaning 02

Our expert roof cleaners will arrive at your property on the date and time agreed and carry out your roof clean in the manner specified in our method statement. Any existing moss, lichen or algae on your roof will be totally removed during the cleaning procedure and your roof will look like new following its thorough clean.

Roof Renovation 03

If you need any further works carried out to renovate your roof, this will be carried out. For example, replacement tiles or roof coverings, felt etc. You can rest assured that your roof will be renovated to "as new" condition prior to any additional treatments.

Anti-Fungicidal Wash 04

Once your roof is in pristine condition, we carry out an anti-fungicidal wash, using specialist solutions that will prevent any chance of moss or lichen growing on the roof again.

Application of Waterproof Roof Coating 05

Finally, we apply our professional standard waterproof roof coating to your roof to ensure that there's no further possibility of water or damp penetrating into roof voids and causing any further damage to timber structures.