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Metal Roof Coating Glasgow

Pristine Coatings is one of the leading companies in Central Scotland specialising in roof cleaning Services.

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ELASTO-KOTE Metal Roof Coating Glasgow and across central Scotland

Elasto-Kote is a great solution for all types of properties, including industrial sites, commercial buildings and garages.

As the Climate changes and weathers away at your building, now is an even more important time to check that your Industrial, Commercial or Garage Building Metal Roof is in tip top condition. Your roof is of course an important key part of your building, in keeping your building safe and weatherproof all year round. With all roofs and especially sloping metal roofs, which are a striking part of your building design, the overall look and feel can be changed really quick, with our metal coating service available in white and grey colours (for additional colour option please speak with us) to make it not only look like new but performs like a new roof too. Elasto Kote can cover pitched Metal, Asbestos, Concrete, Fibre Glass and also flat roofs on single-ply, EPDM sheet roofing, pretty much covers anything on roofs giving you a new roof with 10 year guarantee. Contact us for full details.

Metal Roof Coating professional cleaning and protection services.

If you have a building that features a metal roof, whether it’s for industrial or commercial use, it may be worth giving it some much needed attention through a new metal coating treatment. Here at Pristine Coatings, we offer a service like no other. Offering industrial and commercial metal roof spray painting at the highest of standards, our team of industry professionals will have your metal roof looking brand new and watertight again in no time.

Our metal coating service for Commercial Metal Roof Coating Glasgow uses Karnak Elasto-Kote liquid roofing solution which is fully approved for weatherproofing your metal roof, giving you a fast and simple way to protect and update any metal roof. But why do we use Karnak? Simply because it has a long-established history of providing the best waterproofing services and products for metal roofs. We don’t want to cut costs just to use inferior products. At Pristine Coatings, it’s about providing not only the best service and results, but by using the best products to achieve this.

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Pristine Coatings metal roof spray painting comes with a 10-year guarantee, meaning if anything does happen to your roof, you’re covered – literally. A service suitable for many businesses and buildings, metal roof spray painting is great for units and large buildings. We offer the service for pitched and flat roofs as well as profile surfaces, metal, single ply, EPDM, asbestos and encapsulation.

Looking to help those bring new life and safety to their roofs within the Glasgow and central Scotland region, here at Pristine Coatings, we use our increased knowledge alongside the industry’s top products to create great final results.

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So, how does Karnak’s Elasto-Kote spray painting work and why do we use it? The product has been designed specifically for metal roofs and any concerns a metal roof could face. It’s a high performing product which offers an 85% solar reflective system with 650% elongation. One thing metal roofs can suffer from is rust, which is one thing the Elasto-Kote solution tackles. Offering a built-in rust inhibitor as well as being FM approved. Furthermore, it will make your metal roof resistant to ponding water.

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metal roof spray painting glasgow

The high performing SEB/SEBS thermoplastic waterproofing solution can work on all metal roofs and help fight off the ageing signs of weather. A tailored service, you can choose from white or grey (or for any other colour you’d like your metal roof to be please call us to discuss your requirements).

Elasto-Kote Pristine Coatings

• Sprayable
• Self-Priming
• FM approved
• 650% elongation
• Single component
• No fleece required
• Can be dry in 4 hours
• 2/3 coat application for full protection
• Full waterproofing
• Comes in standard brilliant white or modern grey colours

• Pitched & roofs
• Profile surfaces
• Metal
• Single-Ply
• Asbestos
• Encapsulation

Our roof coatings pretty much cover any type of roof material. Get a free survey completed and we can give you more information on your own roof and the details on our 10 year guarantee that comes with our roof coatings.


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Why Pristine Coatings Metal Roof Spray Painting?

Choose Pristine Coatings to complete this service as we work fast to help restore, protect and update your metal roof. We’ll take care of every aspect this service requires, including the advanced cleaning and prep work needed to prepare for the coating service. The product can be applied above 5’C and will become showerproof within 30-minutes and curing within 4 hours. A self-priming and sprayable solution, applications can be complete using a brush, roller or airless sprayer. It’s advised to apply 2-3 coats to ensure the best possible result.

If you’re in the Glasgow or central Scotland area and have a metal roof that needs weatherproofing, please don’t hesitate to contact Pristine Coatings for any advice, extra information or a free quote, and see how we can help you with our specialist cleaning and coating services. Call us to speak with one of our specialists about your metal roof maintenance and upgrade needs on 0800 074 8674.

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Metal Roof Coating Example Case Study


The Problem
Do you have commercial/industrial units or large buildings that consists of a metal sheet roof, that is old and in need of a revamp as it is nearing the end of its durability and integrity due to flaking paint, corrosion and leaking roof lights?

The Challenge
This could have been extremely challenging due to the profile of the existing metal sheet roof, and if you have a mansard detail style design, as well as the difficulty in applying the Elasto-Kote System during the winter months here in Scotland. But don’t worry, we can plan this around the on-site conditions and advise you at the site survey, when a suitable window that is suitable for spraying in Glasgow and across Scotland opens up. We would be spray applying the roof coating, to ensure the agreed timeframe is met when we have temperatures of at least 4-5 degrees allowing the work to be completed.

The Outcome and Benefits of Metal Coatings
Despite any initial difficulties that may appear due to existing roof or weather conditions with any cleaning and coating project we take on. We are happy to say all our clients are always happy with the final outcome of their new metal roof, now being fully waterproof and looking like brand new again in a fresh coat finish of their choice.

Elasto-Kote being applied by Pristine Coatings is a great solution for making your old metal roof look new again in white or grey colour, and as we can coat your metal industrial and commercial roofs in temperatures as low as 4-5 degrees, your new coating will be dry in 4 hours making it a great solution for spray painting metal roofs here in Scotland. The coating applied by Pristine Coatings is a thermoplastic elastomeric waterproofing system designed specifically for application onto pitched roofs and ideal for metal, coated metal, concrete surfaces. Furthermore, with a built-in rust inhibitor and FM approved. Pristine Coatings Metal Roof Spray Painting solution offers exceptionally high performing waterproofing to your Industrial Metal Roof Spray Painting Glasgow roof ensuring you of many years of care free maintenance ahead.


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How We Do It The 5 STAGES to a gleaming new metal roof from Pristine Coatings

Expert risk assessment and method statement 01

After hearing from you, our experts will visit your premises and carry out a comprehensive property survey in order to provide a free quote, and review the best steps to take for the work you want done. At this stage, you will be fully advised of the anticipated cost for the metal coating spray painting work you want. We can discuss your colour options with you and help with any questions you may have.

Cleaning your building 02

Our highly trained and expert cleaners arrive at your property on the scheduled date and time to clean your building to the specification provided in the quote. All lichen, moss, algae and grime on your property will be removed during the clean, leaving it in an as new condition for your coating.

Renovating your metal roof with any repairs required 03

All metal roof renovations will be carried out following the clean-up. So, if you need new, fixed or replacement parts you can rely on our professional team to carry out this work speedily and efficiently in advance of the metal spray painting coating work.

Application of masked up areas 04

We will fully mask up the property to ensure all parts of the building not being coated with remain as they are. All doors, windows, and walls if required, will be fully masked around their surrounding areas ready for our specialist metal coating paint coating in the chosen colour finish we will now apply this to your building.

Metal Coating Spray Painting Stage 05

The application of the professional metal coating is the final stage in the process. Everything that is being upgraded to its new colour will be coated. Once your building has had its coating applied, we will remove all masking and your new shining building will be the talk of the street. Using our full range of services we can upgrade your roof and walls too to give the building a completely new and fresh look. Plus don’t forget, our ten year guarantee on all coatings gives you added peace of mind!