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Our New 5-Stage Roof Cleaning Process - Carried out by the Experts

17 Sep

Our New 5-Stage Roof Cleaning Process

Has your roof seen better days? Before you call a roofer, why not consider our new 5-stage cleaning process. We can restore the appearance of your roof tiles without you having to resort to the expense of replacing them. It’s a fast and affordable way to restore your roof to its former glory with minimal disruption.

Our tried and tested roof cleaning process uses the following 5 steps:

1) Risk Assessment & Method Statement

Before any work is carried out, we’ll thoroughly risk-assess your property. This allows us to create a bespoke method statement for undertaking the roof cleaning process. We’ll also repair or replace any cracked or missing tiles.

2) Roof Cleaning

Before we start work, we’ll thoroughly prepare your property by using sheeting to protect any vulnerable areas that may allow water to enter your home. Your existing roof tiles will then be deep cleaned using specialist high-pressure equipment to remove all traces of moss, lichen, and dirt. We’ll also tackle your guttering and downspouts to ensure a thorough deep clean.

3) Roof Renovation

After deep cleaning, we’ll reinspect your roof to spot any fundamental underlying issues. This is the most critical part of the process: it allows us to undertake a complete roof renovation where necessary including lead work, tile replacement and repair and re-pointing.

4) Anti-Fungicidal Wash

Once these stages have been completed and your roof is thoroughly dry, we apply a special anti-fungicidal wash. This foam is designed to destroy micro-organisms like algae, moss and lichen and prevent them from reoccurring. This treatment doesn’t discolour your tiles in any way but is a critical part of preparing your roof for its waterproof coating. The treatment takes 24 hours to work before we move on to the final part of the 5-stage process.

5) Application of Waterproof Roof Coating

Finally, your roof will receive two coats of our specialist waterproof roof coating. This is designed to protect your roof tiles while still allowing them to breathe. This ensures the best possible result and a roof that looks and feels like new.

Want to know more about our innovative 5-stage roof cleaning process? Contact us today and our friendly and knowledgeable team will be happy to answer your questions and book a consultation.


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