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Our Commercial Roof Cleaning - Done By Specialists

17 Sep

Our Commercial Roof Cleaning

Commercial Roof Cleaning

First impressions count. That’s why commercial roof cleaning is so essential. It’s the affordable and hassle-free way to prolong the lifespan of your roof by clearing dirt and debris that can cause serious problems if left unchecked.

We use specialised high-pressure equipment to deep clean your roof having first screened off any vulnerable areas where water can penetrate. Our trained operatives ensure that the work is carried out to the highest standards for the best possible results.

Commercial roof cleaning takes time, skill and patience which is why it’s a job that shouldn’t be left to unqualified personnel who can cause untold damage to the fabric of your roof. If you don’t want to be landed with a significant roofing bill, contact the professionals.

How We Work

Before we undertake any work we’ll conduct a thorough inspection and run a risk assessment. This may involve repairing any cracked or loose tiles and generally checking the fabric of the roof.

We’ll then use high-pressure equipment to blast away accumulated dirt and debris for a truly deep clean. We take a full spectrum approach to roof maintenance so we’ll also clean out your gutter and downspouts. We can also undertake an anti-algae treatment which gets rid of microorganisms like algae, lichen and moss and prevents their regrowth.

The Benefits

Having your roof cleaned should be part of a regular maintenance programme. By clearing away the grime, you’re safeguarding the fabric of your building and highlighting any potential issues to avoid costly repairs in the long run.

Mould and algae can cause significant damage and take years off the life of your roof. We use a long-lasting treatment foam to deal with the microorganisms that cause the problems for a clean, safe and enduring effect.

A clean roof is about more than aesthetics. A clean roof performs better ensuring that roofing materials can do their job efficiently and effectively.

If your roof needs cleaning then you can trust us to get the work done to the highest standards with minimal disruption. A clean roof creates a great first impression, performs better and saves you money in the long run so why not contact us to schedule your first commercial roof cleaning today?

By choosing Pristine Coatings you will be able to fix the problems before the damage becomes any worse. Better still, our roofers will help you plan ahead with a maintenance program that will save you money and prolong the life of your property.

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