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What Is Room In The Roof Insulation?

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What is room in the roof insulation? (RITR)

Loft conversions are becoming increasingly popular home improvements as a way to add extra usable loft space to properties, whether designed as a bedroom or home office. To get the maximum from any conversion, though, you need the correct type of insulation. Room in the roof insulation is designed specifically to insulate rooms that have been converted from lofts. It is the ideal replacement for standard loft insulation seen in unconverted spaces.

But why is finding the best type of product so important? The simple fact is that much of the heat lost in any property goes through the roof. Room in the roof insulation helps to combat this type of heat loss and keeps more heat inside.

This process, in turn, helps to save you money on energy bills and reduce how much energy you use. Therefore, it is wise to arrange for the installation of room in the roof insulation for a newly converted or already converted space.

How does room in the roof insulation work?

Although you might think that standard loft insulation materials are fine for newly converted rooms, this is not true. When any roof space is turned into a room, you might require a different product type for maximum energy-saving performance. Room in the roof insulation fits behind any new walls and between gaps in joists to help keep more heat inside and stop energy from being wasted.

If you do not have this sort of specialist product  fitted, the new room may well be too hot in the Summer and too cool in winter! A poor quality product in the new space could also mean the rest of your home feels colder than it should in winter. Room in the roof insulation, though, holds the heat in winter and keeps it out in Summer, saving you money and always meaning you feel comfortable.

What is the installation procedure?

Although you can try to insulate a room in the roof yourself, it usually is best left to qualified experts. This sees qualified professionals install the product for safer and better results. As this type of high-grade product cannot be purchased by the public, it really is best left to the experts. Installation can be completed within one day usually so you can start to reap the benefits as soon as possible.

What will installing room in the roof insulation cost?

As with any improvements to your home, there will be an initial upfront installation cost. It is worth bearing in mind, though, that it should save you money over the long term on energy bills. Plus, there are grants and funding from Energy Companies and Local Councils that help make it even easier.

How do I know if I have room in the roof insulation already?

The simplest way to tell if you have room in the roof insulation is when you struggle to get your property warm, or your heating bills are sky high! A good tip, too, is having a qualified professional carry out a survey to look at your insulation requirements. If you would rather check yourself, you can look in your room in the roof space for the material between joists. For boarded down rooms, you might need to lift a board up to check the type of material.

Room in the roof insulation Glasgow

If you live in and around the Glasgow area and require room in the roof insulation fitting, contact Pristine Coatings today. Our team of highly qualified professionals have all the experience needed to insulate your new room properly. Once done, you can enjoy the energy savings it brings and the lower energy bills. Contact us at info@pristinecoatingsuk.com today for more details.

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How We Do It 5 Step Roof Cleaning Process

Risk Assessment and Method Statement 01

After we receive your initial call or contact form, we will call out to your premises to conduct a thorough risk assessment of the roofing structure and provide you with a method statement, which details the way forward. You will also be fully advised of the cost of your roof cleaning procedure.

Roof Cleaning 02

Our expert roof cleaners will arrive at your property on the date and time agreed and carry out your roof clean in the manner specified in our method statement. Any existing moss, lichen or algae on your roof will be totally removed during the cleaning procedure and your roof will look like new following its thorough clean.

Roof Renovation 03

If you need any further works carried out to renovate your roof, this will be carried out. For example, replacement tiles or roof coverings, felt etc. You can rest assured that your roof will be renovated to "as new" condition prior to any additional treatments.

Anti-Fungicidal Wash 04

Once your roof is in pristine condition, we carry out an anti-fungicidal wash, using specialist solutions that will prevent any chance of moss or lichen growing on the roof again.

Application of Waterproof Roof Coating 05

Finally, we apply our professional standard waterproof roof coating to your roof to ensure that there's no further possibility of water or damp penetrating into roof voids and causing any further damage to timber structures.