We offer a 10 year guarantee on all our coatings

Our Long Lasting Roof Coating - Expertly Applied

17 Sep

Our Long Lasting Roof Coating

Keep the Roof Over Your Head Safe

Whether you own a business property, your own home or both, when it comes to putting a roof over your head, safety and security are paramount. There is simply no room for cutting corners.

In the heat of summer and during winter’s icy blast, roofing to properties takes a constant battering from the elements, putting your property and possessions at risk from leaks, breaking tiles and draughts.

Our tried and tested protective roof coating service stops damage in its tracks and add years to the life of your roof – saving thousands of pounds in repairs in the long run.

And as well as our first-class customer service, our ten-year guarantee on all coatings provides added peace of mind you are getting the highest quality protective product available.

Five Stage Cleaning Process

Our five-stage cleaning solution makes us stand out from competitors when it comes to quality and value for money – not to mention our years of experience completing hundreds of successful projects.

So why does quality roof coating require a five-stage cleaning process? Because we don’t cut corners when it comes to the very structure that safeguards your property and your livelihood.

We are thorough in carrying out a full risk assessment and method statement, which provides a plan to the letter for the next four stages of work.

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There is no point in coating a roof requiring even minimal renovation work. So the third stage, roof renovation, is vital to maximising all the benefits that cleaning your roof offers. In this stage, we repair or replace broken tiles, remove damaging moss and lichens and carry out any other remedial work required.

Next, we apply a high concentrated anti-fungicidal wash to ensure coating adheres correctly, maximising the improvement to the exterior appearance of your property.

Finally, the protective coating is applied to your specification. Please check out our selection of top quality coatings to find the right one for you.


By choosing Pristine Coatings you will be able to fix the problems before the damage becomes any worse. Better still, our roofers will help you plan ahead with a maintenance program that will save you money and prolong the life of your property.

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